Lytes Cary Arable Reversion Project 2013/14

Working with George Holmes from the National Trust, Tim, Nick and Andrew have been busy at Lytes Cary drilling a grass/wildflower seed mix. Lytes Cary have allocated 3 fields to be part of an arable reversion project (funded through Higher Level Stewardship) to revert the fields which run alongside the River Cary, back to grassland. The first stage of this project, completed by the National Trust, was to fence the affected fields and put in new native hedges. Now the fields have been seeded and rolled and, unlike most over the Easter weekend, we are eagerly awaiting the promised half an inch of rain to ensure peak germination. When established, the resulting grassland will provide a nesting habitat for wildlife and ground-nesting birds and be a valuable food source for a variety of birds - including the resident pheasant!