Whilst principally used to store our own produce, our modern 2240 tonne capacity (Wheat) is regularly available for space rental. 

With our ability to load both in and out, we offer storage solutions for goods as varied as palletised loads to boxed produce, and from bulk to bagged grains. Our insulated, secure, Powerfloat floored store ensures a more temperature stable, safe and clean environment for your goods. 

Where grains are concerned, our LPG fuelled, 3 phase Solar powered (Switching to mains at night) batch dryer enables us to offer a complete drying solution. Whether there is a requirement to dry and polish beans ready for storage here, or simply a need for a large volume of wheat to be dried as quickly as possible, and moved off site, or anything in between, we aim to provide a cost-effective, honest, reliable and friendly service all year round.

As members of the Assured Crops scheme, and with our bespoke wireless grain monitoring system, we can guarantee that your grain will be kept in peak condition and fulfill all the criteria that pertains to Assured Crops storage.

We also offer :

  • Wholegrain Wheat for poultry
  • Bulk or batch wholegrain Wheat for Game
  • Source bespoke blends for other livestock
  • Small bale Wheat & Barley straw
  • Small bale wild grass meadow Hay
  • Small bale meadow Hay
  • Source small bale Haylage